The event - Evoo Trends
24-25-26 September 2020. The olive-oil supply chain meets with Fiera Roma for an exclusive digital event, which will involve the entire sector.
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The event

Fiera di Roma
10 – 11 September 2021

The olive oil productive chain renews its VIRTUAL event to bring the entire industry together.

EVOOTRENDS is the opportunity not to be missed to meet and compare national and international experiences, to enhance the excellence productions in the olive sector, in the wider world of olive trees and mills, in the production of extra virgin olive oil: a highly useful moment of exchange of resources and skills.

It is the ideal place where professionals and entrepreneurs of the sector may meet, express their needs, create synergies and implement the respective knowledge.


EVOO TRENDS will be an innovative event,

but also a point of vigorous restart of the country system and its economy. It will be the privileged opportunity to reflect, on the one hand, on the technical and agronomic innovations that will contribute to the promotion and enhancement of quality oil production and, on the other, on the best solutions for a future of economic success that always takes into account the values ethical-cultural traditions of the Italian tradition, in a new perspective of environmental sustainability.

An initiative:

NEW AND VIRTUAL, to enhance Italian quality and creativity and inspire the relaunch of our olive growing.

TRAINING AND UPDATED, to increase the expertise of professionals in the sector and at the same time educate consumers to make a conscious choice that favors quality, which is now more essential than ever in order to redesign and make olive growing known.

EVOOTRENDS will make use of an innovative digital platform that provides participants with a real virtual location for the event.

Each participant will be able to explore multiple areas and enjoy the advantages of multimedia to live a new experience, entirely dedicated to meeting, learning, participation, sharing.

In fact, starting from accreditation, the event can be experienced at 360 degrees: from the spectacular view of the contents in the plenary, to the smaller group meetings, gradually up to the one-to-one meetings.

The professional and specialized nature of EVOO TRENDS 2020 has, however, allocated significant space to the knowledge and conscious consumption of quality EVO oil, which takes into account the origin and typicality.

Special itineraries have in fact been reserved for the consumer, for the enthusiast or for qualified users, thinking about the combination in consumption and catering, the tourist attractiveness of the production areas, which can strongly contribute to the economic development of our oil routes.

Paths started in 2020 that will flow into the great event of 2022.


The buyers of the supply chain

• Olive growers
• Frantoiani
• Packers
• Nurserymen
• Professionals
• Biologists
• Researchers

University students

• Faculty of Agriculture
• Faculty of Biology
• Faculty of Biotechnology
• Faculty of Economics and Commerce

Second grade school students

• Agricultural Institutes
• Technical Institutes for Commerce
• Hotel Institutes

Specialized press

Enthusiasts and consumers


The supply chain

• Olive grove management (agricultural equipment, agricultural machinery and pruning, plant protection products, fertilizers and soil improvers, irrigation, pest monitoring)
• Plant producers (nurserymen, traceability systems, bonsai)
• Olive harvest (machinery and harvest)
• Packaging (bottling machinery, labels, specialized shipping companies)
• Transformation (deramifiers and defoliators)
• Quality Assessment (Oxitester, Mir)
• Waste management (biomass, barrel wagons, water polyphenol extraction, waste water containment silos, heating systems, photovoltaic, waste oil, fertilizers, pits extractor)
• Storage (Silos, Storage gas, Transfer pumps, Filters, Cans, Bag in box, Glass bottles, Caps)
• Mandatory Traceability (Registers, BlockChain, Agriculture 4.0)
• Organoleptic analysis (tasting schools, glasses, panel rooms materials, Coi standards)
• Table olives (drums, silos, salt, starter enzymes)
• Work safety (accident prevention equipment)
• No Food use (cosmetics, pharmacology, detergents, cooking materials, oil and art)
• Enhancement (GDO oil stores / Restaurants)
• Catering (leading catering companies)
• Start up, Oil tourism, Oil stores
• Research Bodies