Olea, quae prima omnium arborum est – The olive tree and its oil, between cultivation and culture


Olea, quae prima omnium arborum est – The olive tree and its oil, between cultivation and culture

De Re Rustica, book V / 8-1-3, 1st cent. d. C.

Thursday 24 September 2020 – Evoo Plenary
14.00 – 16.00

Round table with a panel of international experts that addresses the historical, cultural, agronomic, gastronomic and health aspects of liquid gold, a symbol of the Mediterranean food model.

Giovanni Scapagnini
MD, PhD Full Professor of Food and Human Nutrition, SSD Technical Dietetic Sciences MED 49. Vice-president SINUT. Affiliation of the Vincenzo Tiberio Department of Medicine and Health Sciences. University of Molise, Campobasso

Eugenio Luigi Iorio
Surgeon, specialist in Biochemistry and Clinical Chemistry, PhD in Biochemical Sciences, is president of the International Observatory of Oxidative Stress and of the Popular University of Lifestyles Medicine – Lifestyle Medicine. For his studies on oxidative stress, culminating in the conceptualization of REDOXOMICA, he is considered among the leading experts in the field of the biology of redox phenomena, in the human, animal and agronomic fields. He also currently directs the REDOX RESEARCH CENTER in Tokyo, Japan

Apostolos Kyritsakis Thessaloniki
CreteM. Sc. Ph. D, chairman of the Greek Section of the International Observatory of Oxidative Stress (Thessaloniki, Crete; Greece)

Ore 14.00 – 14.30

Giovanni Scapagnini, Eugenio Luigi Iorio, Apostolos Kyritsakis, Representatives of the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Tokyo, in collaboration with Dr. Lara V.L. Tricerri.
Introduction and greetings

Ore 14.15 – 14.27

Apostolos Kyritsakis
“Olive oil: past, present and future of the golden liquid”

Ore 14.27 – 14.39

Androulakis Eftychios
“Olive oil as nutraceutical”.

Ore 14.39 – 14.51

Mohamed Bouaziz
“The beneficial effects of phenolic compounds in olive tree by-products”.

Ore 14.51 – 14.03

Eleni Melliou
“NMR Analysis of the Evoo’s polyphenols and their impact to health- New clinical Data”

Ore 15.03 – 15.15

Eugenio Luigi Iorio
“Primum non nocere. The dark side of oil redox biology”

Ore 15.15 – 15.27

Giovanni Scapagnini
“Olive oil and gero-protection. What’s news”

Ore 15.27 – 15.39

Vincenzo Pizza
“Elea and Olea. From philosophy to Mediterranean Diet”

Ore 15.39 – 15.51

Michele Vincenzo Sellitto
“Potential impact of the soil microbiotic component on the nutritial properties of olive oil”

Ore 15.51 – 16.00

Jon Daniel Flynn
“Extra Virgin and the US Consumer”


Androulakis Eftychios
Producer of excellent extra virgin olive oil (Crete, Greece)

Mohamed Bouaziz
Director of Studies Higher Institute of Biotechnology of Sfax Departement of Food Technology – University of Sfax (Tunisia)

Eleni Melliou
Food Scientist and Chemist – University of Athens Faculty of Pharmacy-Department of Pharmacognosy and Natural Products Chemistry Greece

Jon Daniel Flynn
University of Davis (California – USA)

Vincenzo Pizza
Neurologist at the Vallo della Lucania Hospital; related to the CIAO project on longevity in the population of Cilento

Michele Vincenzo Sellitto
Soil Microbiota and Innovative Agriculture Expert – Associate Professor Faculty of Agriculture, Banat University of Agriculture Sciences and Veterinary Medicine “King Michael I of Romania” from Timisoara

Lara V.L. Tricerri
Commercial partner and responsible for SME tenders and facilitations. He is President of www.lestgruop.com and www.classnet.eu. Expert in internationalization processes, TEM and Network Manager: she has worked for 25 years alongside Italian and Japanese public and private authorities